Tuesday, 18 September 2018

Global Warming

A global warming can sometimes cause.

Droughts,hunger,and more. It also kills our food, so it would mostly make us dry to death or be hungry to death.

Monday, 17 September 2018

my cool snow!!1

   MAGIC SNOW!!   
   Hooray earlier this morning  the students made snow with Room 8!

Firstly,I looked at the packet and I was so excited I got goosebumps.

Next , we got given a little puru (blue) packet with a clear little packet with the polymer inside it. Ms Bracey put half a cup of water and included the water with the polymer. And it rose like a balloon!

At Last,when we put the polymer in the plastic cup
Miss Bracey put more water in the plastic cup, then
the water absorbed . When I played with the snow it wiggled and jiggled like jelly. I was scared that it wouldn't work!

Friday, 17 August 2018

dino exticttion

this is my animation about about the dino extintions i hope you liked the controls of my animation also check out my pepeha and more good bye.

Monday, 13 August 2018

Boxing week 2

on week 2 Room 8 learnt some moves for boxing
rock,hook,jab,upper cut,left /right cross.

WALT: numbers to ten,maths strategy

WALT: numbers to ten
My maths strategy is  numbers to ten.
for example.
6+4=10     9+1=10   10+2=12     12+10=22

 so it equals 22

Thursday, 9 August 2018


WALT:Financial literacy in primary
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On week 1,2 room 8 had FLIP to come over we learnt how to look after your money.

You should make the right choices with your money.

Like  for  an….. Emergency and for your family and lots more wise answers.You should not use your money for……

Junk,toys and lollies.

So I am telling you make wise choices instead of bad choices.


Tuesday, 7 August 2018


WALT: where do clouds come from
On Thursday room 8 did a cloud experiment to make clouds we put hot water in a cup and cover it up then it forms in a cloud then feel it.