Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Facts about the about the sun.

  • Did you know the sun can fit more than 12 billion earths in it ?
  • In fact the sun has an even hotter core in the middle and it is hotter than  the Earths core.
  • The sun is like a lava ball.
  • In addition  the sun is so hot and humans can’t look at it.
  • Something that you need to know is the sun is  a karaka colour.
  • By the way the sun has invisible magnetic fields!

Monday, 21 May 2018

Volleyball skills

To me volleyball is a challenge. On week two on Monday we played volleyball. At volleyball we learn to serve properly,spike and hit the ball.It was hard because when i serve the ball it blows away from the wind it was so difficult.

My prediction
Today will be about volleyball
To me volleyball is a challenge.

Wednesday, 16 May 2018

stardome planetarium

Secondly in the planetarium there are a few robots in the 3D movie .In the 3D movie there is a spaceship,planets, lots of planets,stars,and more information about space. You can see  southern cross also the false crosses.You can also see  compass points, the compass points are north, west, east, and south. It felt like I  was in a warm globe with comfy seats. Now that's what I call the best globe in the world.


Firstly at stardome you learn lots of facts about the solar system. In the corridor there is a spacesuit, information about space and many more space facts like comets which are known as a dirty snowball.

the challenge is the quiz we got one question wrong.

Walt learnt about space

Wednesday, 2 May 2018

toku pepeha

This is my pepeha i hope you like it


Tripoli A long time ago a boat called Neptune was on the sea. And on the boat there was 764 soldiers in that boat but there was 150 NZ on the boat. Deep in the sea was mines (bombs). The mines got there from their worst enemies the German people. So when they would go over the mines they would blow up. And then with the 764 soldiers in that boat sank with the boat. Tripoli T.P.S Now Tamaki Primary is surrounded in Tripoli Tobruk Benghazi and Alamein I think I know why Tripoli is so close to us. So we can learn about the war and remember them. From Lydia Tumai