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Wednesday, 15 November 2017

the bridge

  P1 The start
Once there was  penguins that had a lake on the right side and  on the left is  there homes.
P2  the problem
but one day the bridge broke down everyone was so upset they tried to make a bridge until dawn.

P3 the heroes
the penguins gave up except four penguins .
And they were called sauma leah lepa and lydia  they wouldn't give up.  
P4 how to fix the problem they would get snow and  put it in the hole,And then they left it overnight to dry .P5 the monster
and it worked.
But a part of the story is that a monster called detroy.  Detroy was a naughty monster that would destroy everything that the penguins would make. So there he was destroying their snow bridge.
P6 how to stop destroy
But the penguins  woke up to check on the snow to see if it was dry and it was but there was a big hole like detroys foot and was it destroys  foot step? Yes it was so they had to
make a plan, they would get dehydrated snow and get sticky gas from the old gas station, they would get rocks from under the deep snow, and from the dehydrated snow they would make a big snow ball tip all the sticky gas on the put rocks on the snowball and they would shoot to the  to destroy and did you know detroy was made out of snow.So there they were aiming at detroy were shooting in Shoot bam into the tummy no more monster again” says sauma. And then again came the bridge again and they celebrated with a tip and a tap and a tippity tap.

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my life

let me show you my life from years to this year.

Friday, 3 November 2017

my mihi

today i made my mihi and a mihi means like it is a speech in moari and moari is a new Zealand thing and we are moari people.