Monday, 30 October 2017

Equal Sharing Fraction Names


magic number

what’s the time mr wolf

As we were listening to Mr Moran for instructions to play  what’s the time mr wolf we all talked and then mr moran said we are going to play what’s the time mr wolf, right after  He said that we went all crazy so Mr Moran calmed us down  so then he put us in 2 lines, a boy line and a girl line. And then we started. What’s the time mr wolf 2:00  and nobody was out the first round but what about the round let’s find out right now  what’s the time mr wolf 9:00 and precious and jayah were out now it is round three. what’s the time mr wolf 4:30 me tori precious and michel was out last round  what’s the time mr wolf 3:00 everybody was out.

Friday, 27 October 2017

a puruhuru

today i made a video about a puruhuru watch the video and learn how to make it.

Wednesday, 25 October 2017


Did you know that today in the morning mr moran had an idea,we would sprint in the morning to wake up.
So the first girls were me to Nora-jade and the girl who came first was maddy and 2 was mia and third was Nora and then fourth was me, so we were in the quarter finals.the quarter finals were so exciting cause we went so fast and my favorite thing is sprinting so i’d say we did a great gob

Now it’s the boys turn, the boys were so so so fast here were the top 4 i know they were in the top four
I just don't know what place they were in,so in the top four was john sifa (joseph) simon and kingston
I think they did a great gob as the girls cause they looked so confident
And were not giving up and trying there best.
So now it the quarter finals and there were to much girls i came fifth. Anyways who cares cause i did try cause i never gave up cause i’m a champion.
And a long time ago like 2 years ago or 1 our korero were champions never give up
and they are right champions never give up cause they can practice and practice and
practice and that's a real champion.
In the finals it was a Crab race and it was funny john was first Mr Moran was second third was sifa and fourth was nature.It was Super Duper Fun cause well we got puffed up and we
Will  just call it a practice.

Friday, 20 October 2017



First when we walked in assembly on the stage there was instruments like drums a rokenrol gutier and at the back there were tambourines and miss nua had a tambourine too. And our korero is musical madness. Music makes me calm
a lot Because when i am angry i turn on the tv and put on my favorite music channel on 114. because when i listen very closely, i can feel the feeling of dancing and that is what makes me… any way second on was the coolest team one teachers and there act  was my favorite, Because when they played snap miss hockly turned on some music and would act to what music there the way on team two they sang a song called sleepy lions. And it goes like this,
( In the jungle the mighty jungle the lion sleeps tonight 4x
And then after it was team three and yes that’s us we made a act a song and it was hilarious.  Team four they were funny cause they were dancing in the car and the MrJ was silly too. Team 5 it was them eating popcorn and watching the lion king with different music bye.