Friday, 21 October 2016

The science experiment

On Thursday we did science using four ingredients there was a jug a spoon and yeast and sugar after that we all put them together and you start to mix it . Then when you finish you put it somewhere warm so it can raise then in the morning your science would be raised up. Or sometimes it will raise up the it will go down again because first you put it somewhere warm warm then it would get cold and cold and colder then it will sink.

Monday, 17 October 2016

Who stoll the bread

In the holidays Lesley McArthur was getting bread but  Magic Bread. The people that were looking after the bread had a password. The password was  Open Sesame I dare you open  sesame and she said the right password  Open Sesame I dare you open  sesame and the box opened but the magic bread got stolen from Previn  he was a pristina but then he broke out because he was starving so he broke out .lisley was angry so she was looking all night and all day but there wasn't Evan 
A fingerprint. Lisle was looking for five weeks. 6 days ago she saw a breadcrumb next to jail so she checked if she could see if Previn was there . And Previn was there.lisley was glad that he didn't eat lisle was happy that didn't eat the bread. Then she said why  did you take the bread. Because I was starving so I broke out oh said lisley what about we share said lisle and Previn said yes and Previn got out jail and lived with lisle the end 

Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Tasting bread

Walt compare different types of bread by texture .
appearance and taste On Tuesday we were doing science about tasting bread. There were six breads called white bread, wheat meal bread, pita bread and Italian, croissants and ciabatta. The thing that they're different about is that they have different flavours, different shapes, different ingredients and different taste. Tasting food that you think is yucky is a good idea because it might be very delicious.

Tuesday, 11 October 2016


WALT:  We are learning to make 10 first when adding two numbers

Ch ch ch ch changes

Last term we were learning about the Olympics but this term we're not learning about the Olympics we're  learning about science. At assembly we're yelling ch ch ch ch changes out loud four times. At assembly Mr Nua and Miss Nua was cooking sweet corn pancakes. When people sit up they get one or two me and Luisa tried our best but we didn't get one. My favourite part was none of them because I love all of them. In the middle of assembly there was a huge explosion at the back of the stage. Mr J was being a crazy he did a explanation but the important thing that mrJ did he was wearing safety clothes he wore plastic glaciers and a safety jacket. After that miss telea and miss berry and miss Clark was the people that was going to get wet. First  miss telea was getting wet from balloons miss berry got wet from soda miss Clark got ice behind her back.