Wednesday, 22 February 2017

the creek

Creek Recount

On friday we went to the creek and there was a lot of rubbish so we cleand up the creek spot.

At the creek there was a lot of stones nappies wipes bottels and rubbish bags thats mabey  why ells are dying a lot.

So we have to keep the sick ells safe and and healthy so they can,t die from rubbish.

When we went at the side there was a lot of bird poo and everybody said look bird poo.

So after that we did maths and then wrote about the creek my titel was the stinky creek.

When we went there we went with pav room 11 we walked around and we went at 9 0 clock.

When we went to the creek we went with miss teleso. That was the best day ever.

Tuesday, 21 February 2017

the seaside

One day me and my Nana went to the Beach and we went in the sea. after that we had icecream and hot chips. then me and Nana got a buket and we found lots of pretty colours and shells. there was a lot of broken shells  but a lot  so i got another buket and made sand castles and me and nana had fun.

Friday, 17 February 2017

Reading summary

Very long time very first person on land there was no stars in the sky and his name was tamarereti. The taniwha was the only monster that could wiggle at night.During this time there was a boy named tamarereti he was hungry so he went to get breakfast.Tamarereti was hungry so he went on the sea to catch some food and caught three fishes.But he did not know where his home was so he had a little sleep bay.He was so hungry so he got some wood and made a fire and cooked his fish He got some smooth shiny pebbles and throw  them high in the sky.Tamarereti thrown them in the sky so he could  find his way home.Now there is stars in the world and you can move in the dark because they have stars now.

Thursday, 16 February 2017

My maths group

In my maths class i'm in the cubes. a cube is a 3D with six faces all squares 12 edges.