Thursday, 26 November 2015

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Tuesday, 17 November 2015


This is my dino picture. First i draw it in rayon then I dyed it different colours then I left it to dry.

Monday, 16 November 2015

Athletic s day

Last Friday point England school had athletics day. First we went on the high- jump  we had to jump  over the pole. Next we played parachute. Then we did the sock throw. It was very fun, after that we had a break and played Simon says.finally we watched the relays that means the students  have a race with our parents and the teachers. I was very tide that day.

Tuesday, 10 November 2015


 On a thursday sunny morning team two Went  To the museum. To study dinosaurs and fossils. "Ms Eaidie said lets go on the bus" to go to the museum. Next we went to  eat in the Kai room and lisind. Then we  grop exploing. After that we went to were and wild to lorn about herbivores finally grop exploring and on the bus.

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

My juice

On Tuesday morning on a grey cloudy day room 25 made fresh juice with fruit in our class room .we  had fruit and cut it up and the noise was like this zzzssszzzssszzzssszzzss.Next  we put the fruit in the machine swash in the juice after that we put it in the cup yummy finally we wesh our hands and have fun.