Monday, 31 July 2017

telling time

this team we are learning about time and lives.

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

lydia Measuring Length K

lydia Assembly Recount

When i walked into assembly i felt happy excited i felt like there could be a new lydia, anyways at assembly there were lights from this light machine that would put a movie on an sheet yeah it looked like that.  In the beginning When the lights turned off it was very dark like when you have a sleep at night but more fun. And that was the time we got very very  crazy about lights and stars on the roof were beautiful,  suddenly we saw a ufo (well it wasn't a ufo it was a drone) but we act it out and if i mean we i mean mr Somerville and mr jakobsen. When it landed well the ufo (drone) there was a alien with white mask then mr jakobsen and mr somerville started to kill the aliens  and then they done killing them it was so funny and that was the most funniest part of the hole thing next it was team one and they did a song video. And there six teachers and two flew to the moon then there were four teachers and it happened again and all of them went back to pt england school because the teachers missed  school and there class so they went back to pt england and that was my lapping part and on team three our class there was frozen in there, yeah there was lots funny stuff. Now it is team two were doing at teacher in space again and did a song in space and they were calling in space to see how fun it is in space. Now it is team 3 in team three it about time and lives so we sing we eat and care bye.

Wednesday, 5 July 2017